Embedded Systems

Key Eleven designs and develops low cost embedded systems specializing in 8-bit and 32-bit micro controllers from Microchip, Atmel and processors using the ARM core.

The Internet of Things...

At Key Eleven we specialize in embedded Internet connected devices for automation and control. We use low cost yet powerful TCP/IP software stacks supporting Web/HTTP, email, SSL and many more protocols.
Visit our WebIO7 products.

Mobile Software

Key Eleven has been developing mobile software since Windows CE and Mobile 5. These days we focus on the Android, Apple iOS platforms and Embedded Linux.

Software Applications

Application development for many platforms since the Apple IIe, Unix, Linux, DOS2.1 through Windows 10/.NET and the web. Recent focus has been on Windows C#.NET apps and Web apps using LAMP/PHP, Java and number of open source CMS systems.

Key Eleven

A Software Development Company

At Key Eleven, we develop software and electronic hardware products for consumers, agriculture, oil and gas industry, health care and other markets. Key Eleven is a small company that works in conjunction with serveral other engineering companies in Minnesota and North Dakota that specialize in electrical engineering and manufacturing.

What We Do

Our top technologies:

  • Embedded Systems Software
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Microsoft Windows Applications
  • Linux Applications
  • Internet TCP/IP Communications Protocols
  • CAN, J1939 and Other LAN Protocols

Recent Projects

A sample of recent projects

  • Oil well mapping web and smartphone based software system
  • A software driven hydraulic control system for tractors used in agriculture and construction
  • WebIO-7 Internet automation router/gateway, Control and monitor your home or office
  • An Internet based health care content management system