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For inquiries pertaining to Key Eleven, WebIO technical information, support, sales and distribution, or future products, contact Torrey Vigesaa at the following e-mail address:

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Attn: Torrey Vigesaa
Key Eleven, LLC
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Key Eleven - Company Profile

Key Eleven involves a group of diverse individuals with a focus on developing ideas with a degree of excitement in the form of science and art.

Torrey Vigesaa - Key Eleven Founder

Torrey created his first “hello world” program for the Apple II computer back in 1982 using double hi-res graphics. Later he attempted to build a time machine from a 32vdc tube radio, a guitar amp, a Roland RE-301 space echo tape delay and an electronic distributor for a 1978 MGB. Now he enjoys old cars, playing guitar, off-roading and climbing the mountains of Taos NM.
Torrey brings over 20 years of commercial expertise in embedded systems design, control automation and software development. Past projects included a consumer Internet home automation system for BeAtHome, a Flight Data Visualization system for general aviation and UAVs. Multi-plant data acquisition, aggregation and reporting systems, business software for rehabilitation clinics and numerous other science projects.

Many other terrestrials

A consortium of talented people have been evolved in Key Eleven projects, in aspects of engineering and production. Some key people to mention are Doug of Amber Waves Electronics with manufacturing and engineering and Lincoln with his spooky electro magnetic interference.
Other help has come in the form of welding trailer hitches to UFOs, Graphic arts and design, Finding those rare electronic components, and the occasional middleware software platform.